[roof-organization | cubedHIGH]

in collaboration with tina pawlowski
MA_2oo6 | Prof. Dipl.Ing. O.Lauströer (HfbK_Dresden)
The aim contains to deal with existing studies about surfaces like the ones of claude parrent.
During the workshop in dresden we worked experimentally with surfaces and visited several ‚Plattenbauten‘.
In this case we decided to deformate a given surface on top of the ‚plattenbau‘ by defining several parameters
like connected views and the topic of creating spaces of interactivity and communication as well as spaces of silence and introvert spaces.

At first a planar surface gets positioned above the stair towers.
In the second step the axes, which were defined before, are layed
down on the surface and cut it into many pieces.
Now, the edges of the triangular surfaces were redefined in
their height - respecting the affecting axes.
In this way the strong grid of the 'Plattenbau' gets terminated
by the parameters [view relationships] - which were specified before.