in collaboration with thomas schulz
MA_2oo7 | Prof.A.Mandrekar (U.o.Moratuwa) + Prof.Dipl.-Ing.J.Reichhardt (m.s.a.)
After one week of participating at a symposium with the topic ‚green building‘
at the university of moratuwa, we started a workshop with the aim of creating a new
research- and conference center at the campus of the UOM. The construction of the building
had to take the aspects of 'green building' into consideration.

In our point of view the outstanding quality of the given site is the wild jungle,
because on the whole existing campus everything is aligned.
As a result of the fact, that the function of an research and conference center
is not directly bound to the student-live, we created the idea of offering a public space for the students as well.
Our aim was to set the jungle in contrast to our building by framing the view.

The basement includes lecture-rooms in both of the wings as well as an outdoor-auditorium below the public space.
In the ground floor there are workstations (research) and a restaurant.
The restaurant is also located in the first floor - bound to the meeting area.
In the other wing there are boxes for residential housing.