in collaboration with thomas.schulz + carsten.mennenga + jürgen.wittner
MA_2oo6 | Holger Kehne BSc (Hons) Dip Arch (AAschool_London)
Another short-study led us to London in November 2006.
First we scanned the city for finding a place where parasitic structures are imaginable.
In Shoreditch we found an old railroad bed which has obviously not been used for years.
During the years vegatation reconquered the railroad bed and only the arches below the former
track were connected to the surrounding by using them as parcing space or stock, for example.
The area is located between the bank-quarter and the artist-quarter.
We developed a ‚super-structure‘ oriented by mushrooms, because mushrooms in nature are cleaning up the surrounding.

We took the inner structure of a specific mushroom (comb-pattern) as well as we defined functions which were urgently needed at this area of London.
After that we positioned the functions and the defined comb-grid on the railroad bed.
Now the grid gets deformated by several parameter like the needed spaces of the particular functions and the required distances to the surrounding.
This project understands itself less than a draft, but rather than a study about ‚super-structures‘ and their variation ability and achievement.