in collaboration with tobi mauritz
MA_2oo7 | Prof. H.Sakamoto (C.o.A._Kanazawa) + Dipl.-Ing. B.Severin (m.s.a.)
The task contains dealing with an ‚ideal‘ concept for teaching architecture.
After we discussed a lot about existing teaching-concepts and buildings
in that architecture is teached, we defined needs.

In our opinion every student has to learn the same basics about architecture and everybody has to get the same basic tools in the bachelor-courses as well as the aspects of ‚free-your-mind‘. It is also important to know about the ideas , thinking, processes and projects of the fellowing students.

In the master-course every student is able and allowed to choose courses and projects by his own wiches to individualice himself considering his abilities and orientation.

On the site exists the only opened space on the whole campus.
It was our aim to do not take this quality away from the campus.
Because of this, we decided to locate the whole program below the ground.